Monday, May 5, 2014

The Hidden Triangle - A Powerful search tool in Google Drive

If you are like me you have spent a bit of time searching through your Google Drive for a specific document or form.  Somehow it wasn't named quite what I remembered or it wasn't in the folder that I thought it was saved in.  The search box saves so much time - now I start there instead of opening numerous folders.  This is how it works.

if the image is too small - click on it to open in a new tab

There is a hidden triangle that makes searching much more productive. 

  1. in the search box at the top of Google Drive  
  2. click on the triangle on the right side
  3. a drop down box will appear and allows you to search by the type of document     doc, spreadsheet, form, image
  4. click on the correct format and presto your drive lists all that type 
  5. two ways to sort the list                                                                      
  6. click on the word title and the list is sorted by the titles                                     
  7. click on last edited by me and it sorts by date

You can also 'stack' the search.  
For example - for this search I chose forms first then went back to the drop down and chose 'not owned by me'

Hope this helps you tame your Google Drive!

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