Wednesday, May 28, 2014

7th grade Chromebook Interviews

I met with each 7th grader today.  It was a brief meeting - very focused and directed.

I asked each one how their chromebook was working.
We looked at the machine together and talked about any issues.
I wrote a few notes in the comments section - or OK if all was well.
I circled the boxes if there were parts that needed to be replaced and talked to the students about when the fees needed to be paid.
Then the student signed the form, I took a picture of their chromebook and they were off. It was about a 3 minute meeting.

This list represents the parts that Mr. Pennington (principal) and myself felt were necessary for the Chromebooks to be in working order for next year.

I really wasn't sure what to expect.
We have replaced WAAAAYYYY to many screens this year.  (Two more broken over Memorial Day weekend!)
I am not working with students daily - so I really wasn't sure about the state of their machines.

I was pleasantly surprised!  There were a few keyboards that had missing keys, a few of the front panels that were cracked but overall - the machines were working well!! YIPPEE!!!

As I sat with each student, no matter how briefly, it made me wish I had done this before. I wish that I had stretched out this time a little more and actually interviewed each student about the year. Found out what went well for them and want they wanted to do differently.  But, this is the last full week of school and there just isn't time for that right now.

It does make me want to consider the need to build that in next year. Something to add to our list of considerations.

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