Thursday, May 29, 2014

Education and Technology Links 05/29/2014

This is an excellent compilation of rubric links.  There are links to already created rubrics and to rubric generating sites.  This  list is separated by tech activities - like blogging or podcasting.
This site is part of Sophia Learning and links you to a  'course' on flipped learning. Passing the quizzes in this course gives you a Flipped Learning Badge. Great way to display your learning credentials.
This is an amazing idea that could be used for all sorts of projects.  Students created a piece of art that was displayed in the hall. Then their voice was recorded digitally with vocaroo and saved it on the website.  To share the artist's story - they created QR codes and displayed them beside the art in the hallway. Then the parents were invited. This idea could be used for any type of oral report or explanation. Great idea!!!
My favorite app from this list is MyScript Calculator.  This handy little app allows you to write on the iPad with a stylus and it changes the equation to print and solves it!  Quick and easy with no keys to mess with! Lots of teacher friendly apps
This is a sobering website to see how the internet grows and changes right in front of our eyes.
This is a real time-saver for those who depend on revision info in google docs. This is an add-on that creates a messenger like list on the side of the doc for you to see what is going on.
Another interesting add-on for google drive.  This one helps with grading. Worth a look!
This resource is a little mind-bending!  A livebinder dedicated to Google+.  You can find almost anything you can imagine on the topic.  A great summer project!
 Flipboard is an app for iPad and online where it pulls articles from the web and displays them in a personalized magazine format. And what better way to learn about Flipboard then to follow someone else's board. Jeff Utecht's would be an excellent one to follow! Way cool!!!
This is a website to bookmark so you have it when you need it.  This page is a compilation of online museums all over the world and it is amazing!  You can virtually walk through the Met or the National Holocaust Museum.  A great addition to a classroom toolkit!
This is a great portal to personalized learning take advantage of AEA PD for your self-paced  learning this summer!
LessonPaths is the new MentorMob.  And if you didn't know what MentorMob was it doesn't mean much!  This is a way to organized your multimedia lessons - if you have a unit or a lesson with digital clips from a variety of sources - LessonPaths is one curation tool to keep track of those.  It is worth a peek.
Whenever I see a compilation of tools from Vicki Davis - I know that it will include very user friendly tools organized in an easy to manage format. This list does just that.  Great way to find new options and be re-introduced to old friends!
Looking for a new random generator - this is a great option. .  Wheel Decide allows you to create your own online wheels to spin.  All that is missing is the Vanna White turning over letters for you!
This looks interesting. Mozilla (Firefox) is entering the web literacy conversation with these kits.  I haven't spent much time looking - but it is on my summer to-do list.
As schools move to more deeply in to the 1:1 format - the need for student portfolios continues to grow. This article takes a look at four formats and what works and what doesn't. Great place for the conversation to begin!

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