Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#SummerPD #3 - C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations

This site was highlighted by Techmeology101. This great blog has a Daily Dose option that allows you to subscribe and receive daily tech doses in your email box. I would highly recommend it!

Now on to the actual site.

This site combines several excellent resources in to one online site.  As the image on the right describes - you can find video and newspaper clips along with handouts, lesson plans and strategies.

Additionally there are step-by-step instructions for students to create their own deliberations site to highlight and support their research, explanation of a mock senate debate, current issues  and resources and suggestions for many more activities.

Check out this one-stop-shop for current event information.

C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations

Monday, May 30, 2016

#SummerPD Series #2 - The Generator

Use this versatile site to create a huge range of items.  Here are a few links to explore.
One word of warning:  There are links to sites that are not completely school-appropriate. So be sure to check out the links before sharing them with students.

Have fun exploring The Generator

#SummerPD Series #1 - Teacher Meme

Looking for something to spice up your presentations?

Want that perfect image to demonstrate a concept?

Need an interesting image for the teachers' lounge?

This might be the perfect site.

Memes are an added value way of getting a point across!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jeopardy Boards, Random Groups, Flash Cards - Oh MY!

Flippity.net is the one tool that easily transforms a Google sheet into a flashcard deck, or a spelling tutorial or a certificate quiz creator. The tool is a little magic - in my mind.  

The website is clear and easy to use.  For each of the eight different tools Flippity offers a demo, an instruction page and the template you will use for to make the tool work.  

This is the Random Name Picker instructions.  
They are clear and easy to follow.  

This is the Random Name Picker interface when completed.  The same list of names is used to generate the variety of groups, teams and seating chart.  All from one list of students!

I would strongly recommend this online tool as you begin to look toward next year - or if you need some review tools as the year ends! Good Luck!