Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Confessions of a Digital Hoarder

Hi - my name is Beth and I am a Digital Hoarder.
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I live in an online world filled with GAFE (Google Apps For Education), Diigo and Twitter - with Feedly blog browsing and general google searches thrown in.

I have signed up for so many online web 2.0 tools that I am always mildly shocked when I google my name.

My Diigo library has one HUGE tag category called "todo."  Yes - it is misspelled because that is faster to type. This category holds all the links that I want to look at sometime - in the future - when I have time to really read and digest the info.

 I have began to understand that to teach digital citizenship - I need to do a better job of modeling.  Digital Hoarders do not make good digital role models for students or for staff.

So - the next few blog posts will focus on my online presence and ways I am working to organize and clean up my digital life.

My first stop is this blog.

I want to create a landing place for students and staff that holds all the places I am exploring.

To start that I added both a Twitter and a Diigo feed link.  This will be a bit of a road marker for where I have been on the digital highway. Each of these are easy to add.
Check out the videos below for directions on adding them to your blogs too!

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