Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just a little bit excited!

What makes me excited?

Lots of little things...

- just noticed that I have 9,999 page views for this blog
- talking to a recently hired, soon to be first year teacher - she was filled with hope and ideas
- my two-year old niece drawing pictures of herself as she told me a story
- getting an invitation in the mail for a graduation party from one of my former 4th graders
- opening my car door and feeling a warm breeze and smelling flowers
- listening to 7th grader describe his animation of a basketball shooting through a hoop using Blender
- overhearing a MS conversation about favorite books in the library
- the first Yotty's ice cream cone of the season
- showing a staff member just how easy it is to use Google Hangouts
- finding a penny on the ground - whether it is heads or tails
- watching HS students create molecules out of bits and pieces and hearing the conversation that described the process
- clicking on the final step of a troubleshooting process on a computer and having it actually work
- overhearing a student stand up for a friend

Each of these little pieces fits together to
create a climate and an environment of learning and collaboration.
Each of these little pieces creates the story of my week as I get to peek in to classrooms across two districts.
Each of these these little pieces reminds me why I love being an educator.
Each of these little pieces makes me want to come to work again today and tomorrow and the next day.

Thank you to all the teachers out there for creating excitement and joy in the work that you do!!!

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