Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adding a Word Doc to a Blog for Downloading

You might have a document that you want students to download from your blog.  Here are the steps for that process.
    1.  Save the word doc to your desktop - make sure you know the name of the doc 
    2.  Open Google Drive
    3.  Click on the red upload button - see photo 1
    4.  Choose files and find the doc on your desktop
    5.  Click on the same upload options as the photo 2 above
    6.  Click on the doc when it appears in your list - this will open it in a new window - sometimes there are formatting changes that you might want to address before you share it with your students
    7.  Click the red share button in the top right corner
    8.  Click change in the top - this will open a new window 
    9.  Choose anyone with a link
    10.  Then decide if you want students to be able to edit this doc or view only - see photo 3
    11.  Done
    12.  Copy the URL at the top of the doc window (click on the url one time and it should highlight the entire link)- it will be long and scary - but that is ok 
    13.  Open your blog & start a post where you will connect the doc
    14.  Type and then highlight the words "Click here to download"
    15.  Click on the word link in the menu at the top of the page - see photo 4
    16.  Paste the URL in the second box - see photo 5
    17.  Click ok

    Congratulations!  You have now created a link to that google doc and students will have access.  
    What happens is when a student clicks on those purple words a new window will open with the doc.  For a student to be able to download the link the student will need to log in to google - then they can make a copy and add it to their own drive. 
    For a refresher on just how that works check out this blog post.

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