Monday, May 19, 2014

Educators rock twitter!!!

As an educator, I knew that twitter was a great way to build my knowledge about all things education.I patted myself on the back for my trendiness as I was scrolled through Tweetdeck.  I knew I was standing on the cutting edge of education!

Apparently, I'm not standing there alone!!

According to an online article on Edsurge - there are 4.2 million tweets a day about education!!!


It made me wonder why educators have grabbed on to this medium so strongly.

I think it's all about the 140 character limit!  That is about my attention span time limit for an article.

In a profession where every minute is dictated (down to the 3 minutes between classes to use the restroom) Twitter is perfect.  You can hop on - browse a couple of tweets - and boom - it's time for the next class.

So - if you are an educator - you have already quite reading and saved, deleted or retweeted this post!

And if you aren't an educator - none of this makes much sense.  That's ok! :)

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