Saturday, September 6, 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

image from iClipart for schools
What does a good mentor do?

I work for a school district that is part of a very special consortium. This group of 12 school districts has hired a set of full time mentors to work with all their first and second year teachers. These are trained and practicing teachers who have been released from their home district for 3 years (the length of the current grant) to mentor new teachers. They are trained by our Area Education Agency and then they focus on the new staff.

There are several things that we have noticed since this pilot has been going.  New teachers are much more apt to be honest about their practice when they are working with mentors who are not part of their school district.  Mentors are much more apt to put their whole selves in to the process if this is their complete job.  This is a brilliant program and we hope that it can continue beyond the grant!!

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