Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flickr...The photo answer...

This chapter was very interesting. I wished more than once, that I had read it last year when I was teaching 4th grade. There were so many things that were mentioned that I wanted to run right out and try.

First though...this answered a plaguing question that photos produces...How do you send them to parents in a way that doesn't shut down their email server or your own. I have made many recommendations over the past few years - but each fall I would get the same questions. My standard response was to send one pic via email then you know that it will not be a problem.

Instead - Flickr is the answer. So the teach can upload all the pics she want and invite the parents to visit her Flickr account. Brilliant!!! I'll have to share that with the elementary teachers in the fall!

I loved the Jane Goodall camp example! What an excellent way to show the level of learning the student had experienced. It was so much more than a report copied from the pages of the encyclopedia. Instead, the student had to really understand what life was like at the camp and illustrate! What a fun assignment for the student and for the teacher to grade!

I also really liked the idea of looking for specific images to illustrate concepts or items. So - I have just finished reading Chandra' Wars by Allan Stratton. It takes place in a fictitious African country. It mentions a Baobob tree and the amazing sunsets more than once. So - I went looking for pictures. I included one with a creative commons license that allows me to share it.

And then I went off on a tangent... I'll post about that separately - this is getting too long!

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Tera said...

I really like your idea about using Flickr to share with parents. Not only would this share information, but it would also introduce parents to new technology. Great idea!!!