Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comparing Blogs - Educators...

Whenever I start reading other educators blogs I slowly shrink...

They are thinking about such big things and such important topics. I am thinking about grading math journals and making sure I have the key to the library so I can get to the printer. It's not that I don't think about these same topics, but to discourse about them is more than I have the courage to do.

So - here I go stepping outside the comfort zone...

As I am reading Evan Abby's post about the role of a librarian, I want to just say...WOW!!

I actually posted a comment...my first in all the lurking I do! :)

The other thing that strikes me is the depth of thought present on these big topics. These writers clearly immerse themselves. They are the resource, the ones who are doing the content work... So in our model, they are the classroom teachers...right.
My job is to take that content and apply it to the world I live in. Hmm... I think I just grew a little.

Now for the evaluation part.

I also looked at Richardson's Weblogg-ed.

Both sites are easy to navigate. Richardson's is much larger with numerous tabs and places to visit. That also makes it a little more overwhelming. There are just so many places to go and look.
Both make commenting easy.
Both seem to know their stuff, are well read, and connect to many other blogs and sites.

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Michelle said...

Kudos to you for posting on one of the educator's blogs! I also find them extremely intimidating. I can follow along with their topics and rationale, but am frequently too scared to jump in with my own ideas. However, after reading a few of their blogs, I believe both these bloggers would invite and encourage comments from others of us that are in the trenches.

Has anyone commented on your post? I'd be interested to see what dialogue is brought about by your contribution.