Friday, June 26, 2009

Diigo, Twitter and all the other little tweets

I read this chapter with much interest. I started a Diigo account during Information Literacy last semester. I've played around with it quite a bit and am so impressed. I am a horrible one for bookmarking a thousand things and never quite making it back to them. This really helps me to organize what I know I will use. I've joined several groups and get updates from sites other people have shared with that group.

I know the learning curve is not very steep, but I still wonder how readily the teachers I work with will accept this. It's just one more thing...or is it. I think to really make this stick - there will have to be very clearly stated benefits in the professional development area. I would welcome others with ideas about that.

And then there is Twitter...I just don't get it. Really... why do I care that JohnB went to the grocery store today and they were out of his favorite soap?

I have an account and have spent bit of time playing around. But, I haven't really found it too amazing. I did go back today and begin following more people - maybe that is part of my problem...

I would love to find out from my staff who is twittering and how they use it. I know several who use it to stay connected with college friends. Could those people be the ones we look to as we try to incorporate this into more scholastic endeavors? I really liked the idea of students tweeting back their comments during a field trip!

So - tweet away as I stick to blogging. I think I'm just too long winded! :)


Joan said...

I can appreciate your comment about wondering if the teachers will think this is just one more thing. I think for a lot of these tools we are just going to have to start with a small number of staff, demonstrate some great ways to utilize them so they get onboard and then let THEM help promote it. All the others will wonder what you are up to and want in on the "secret."

Michelle said...

I can really appreciate your original impressions with Twitter. I am one that really just hasn't gotten it as well. I'd also be interested in hearing from someone who uses this in an educational setting (or any setting at all) and finds it beneficial.

On another note, I am consistently impressed with your motivation to try new tools and see how they work for you both personally and professionally. Kudos to you!

Tera said...

I understand the learning curve associated with Diigo CAN be steep. However, it can be simple as well. I have been messing around with it just to bookmark sites. That's all I need it for right now. When I need the other tools, I will worry about the learning at that time. I think this is how we will need to approach teachers with this as not to scare them!!

Cari said...

Like you, I am someone who bookmarks like crazy and then may or may not get around to organizing them. I am glad Diigo sort of does this for me, though as a newbie to the tool, I'm still working to develop its full potential. Have you shared this tool with other staff members, and how has this gone?