Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day 06/09


Teresa said...

Hey Beth! I made comments, but it didn't seem to save. All I have to say is that PIZZA LOOKED AWESOME!!

kts9600 said...
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kts9600 said...

Edited post:
Beth - Teresa - first comment appears on the left first, and when someone else comments, the second would move to the right and then another comment, back to left side.

The issue of blogger margins does come up with this. That's why Teresa can't see her comment on this screen.

Great sound effects for later slides - awesome photographs too of the weather!

I would love to know more about playing music through - think we might be able to play from the computer and start and stop that music so it flows in voicethread, but I think each slide has a little dead space at the start each time. Something to ponder!

nice job!