Sunday, September 6, 2009

a weird thing happened on the way to my blog design...

I was busily trying out new looks for my blog. Surfing, cruising the web and downloading an assortment that I really liked. I had tried out several different ones and had settled on the new look when my 13-year old and three of her friends came in to see what I was doing.

I showed them the options I was thinking of using, starting with the design that I had decided on.
They hated it! It was very stark and simple with a large @ key at the top and a chain hooking that to the side. They were appalled I wanted a chain in my title. I hadn't even really thought of that.

I showed them the other options and they unanimously decided on this design. Not, even in my top three choices.

So, why am I giving in to my daughter's opinions? Why do I even care?

It intrigues me what each of us focus on. I liked the simple lines and sparse design. They liked the colors and the movement of the watercolor design.

How does this all fit in to my library thoughts? I am interested in the different perspectives we bring to book choice. I know what I like and why and I seem to believe that every one should/would/must feel the same way. But, each of us have that same thought process. So, how do we help one another?

I think I need to be reminded in a million little ways to listen first and talk second.
To pause and listen.
To slow down and pause and listen and then talk.

And in the pause and the listening I need to be sure that I will actually hear and not be so preoccupied with my own thoughts that I won't even hear.

To new blog layouts, 13-year old daughters and the wisdom of listening!!!
Happy Sunday afternoon!! :)


Theresa + Kent said...

You are reminding me of a sermon Diane ZB preached somewhat recently. She challenged us to turn off the radio, tv, computer, etc. and to just listen for God. I've thought of that a lot in the past few months - thank you for reminding me to listen - whether it's listening for God or listening to my children!

Oh, and I LOVE the design! ;) I need your help sometime redesigning mine.

kts9600 said...

I ask my nieces and nephews to send me news about good books they are reading and I have yet to predict their response :-) Good point!