Sunday, September 20, 2009

PLN questions..moving from me to others...

I finally had some time to catch up on my Google reader blogs and twitter feeds.
It's been awhile.
It ticks me off that I let it slide. Because, each time I spend time reading I find new ideas and get recharged.

It makes me amazed...

There are so many different ways to broaden my horizons. So many different people for me to learn from. So many different sites for me to read. And yet for a long time I was content to just stay in my own world - following my own colleagues.

Through my classes, my internet searching and my reading my horizons have continued to grow. do I convince others of the importance of using their precious time this way?

How can I use my role as librarian to share and encourage? How can I be an advocate for this type of professional development?

As I ponder that movement I want to share a few of my findings tonight...

One of my favorite blogs is the CoolCat Teacher Blog. She has such excellent posts...
This one is on some if the things to remember when you start the new school year...they are not earth shattering - but they are realistic and things you can do right this minute. I like that!

I also worked on my twitter account.

I wanted a different background and was able to figure that out.
I also found a mashup list ... of educators and librarians to follow. I spent way too much time cruising between these twitter pages and the blogs they belong to.

And I think I came up with the beginnings of an idea. I need to start some type of newsletter - or web-based info page with sites that would be of interest to the teachers I work with. I think...
It's at least a start.

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