Sunday, September 6, 2009


Now that I am in the midst of the library - I am finding I have less time for some of the things that I really love. I sincerely hope that is a passing trend. I haven't picked up a book to just read all week. YIKES!!!

I remember a conversation I had with a public librarian many years ago. She came over to talk to me as I was loading my arms with another round of books from the new book display, the first thing to greet you as you enter the library. I had been steadily reading my way through the current stock of books - and was looking forward to new titles appearing. I remember the wistful tone in her voice when she asked me what books I had especially enjoyed and which authors I preferred. I asked her the same.

Her answer is what brings back this conversation..."Well, I really don't have time to read anymore. Everyone seems to think that is all librarians do. Ha!"

I'm sure our conversation continued on -I am always ready to tell someone about my current reading favorite. But, I have come back to the sadness in her voice and the matter-of-fact tone. How could a librarian, a lover of books, surround herself in a world of books and not have enough time to read?

I was thinking of that this week as my life has filled up with all the other things I need to do. Since my title has changed from teacher to librarian, reading has sort of moved from pleasure and escape to a 'have to.' Not like laundry and cleaning out the refrigerator - but more like checking emails on the weekend or making the rounds to say hello to all the staff members after a holiday. I like doing those things, they are necessary and important, but there are other ways I would prefer to spend my time.

I WON'T let reading get to that place in my life.
I absolutely can't.
Reading has been too important a part of who I am.

But, my book recommendation blog has been stuck since the middle of summer. The stack of books by my bed has not moved an inch - except to be bumped by the vacuum cleaner.

I don't want to add reading to my to do list. I want to believe that this week was a blip, a momentary hiccup to remind me of my priorities. I am so ready to crawl back into the world of a book and relax.


Darla's Multimedia Musings said...

Hi, Beth! So, I guess it's safe to say you haven't read Cashore's Fire yet? I'm on a reserve list. . . Just wondering how it is? I always enjoy when your blog posts pop up on my reader feed! Hope your new job is going well!

Theresa + Kent said...

Oh I hope you have found the time to get back into reading for pleasure. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading vicariously through you! And who will I go to when I need a good book recommendation...well, I did print out the list of your books on your blog a while ago. That would probably be a good start!

Love ya sis!