Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a quarter!!!

Well - it is already the end of a quarter and I haven't blogged a moment.  Does that give any clues as to the whirlwind I've felt.

It has been amazing though...what a great and honest view of a district to be able to go into different classrooms and be a part of the technology.  I am really lucky!! I even told myself that the day I taught 4 lessons in 4 different buildings in our I didn't teach them all alone and one was actually to staff as a PD after school.  But still, 4 lessons in 4 buildings.  I don't plan to do that very often.  And I know as a classroom teacher 4 lessons was an easy early out day...I keep reminding myself of that.

So -what have we been doing?

Well  - I have taught keynote and powerpoint to students in the elementary and middle school. Helped 3rd and 2nd graders learn how to handle the brand new laptops in their cart for the very first time.  I spent a week at the middle school and taught 7th and 8th grade classes about digital citizenship. That was great!! The 8th graders had me last year - so we turned them loose on some digital tools and watched the way they used them to share content.  I really enjoyed problem-solving with them and seeing the ways they use the same old tools in a different way.

I have had great tech conversations with teachers.  I think this has been my very favorite part.  It's one thing to learn how to do an application or use a tool.  But, that isn't really teaching. Instead, real teaching  happens after the initial tech training when the teachers begin to see other possibilities.  That is the time when you can see true teaching skills rising to the top.  It's taking whatever tool a great teacher has at hand and using it to enhance student learning.  I LOVE THAT!  So, when I get to brainstorm ways that can happen - I am a very happy camper!

One other good part - I have really worked hard on the Tech Integration website. It has been so good for me to use Google Sites to create that. I am much more able to troubleshoot and make suggestions to the staff.  I can also see some of the limitations.  But all in all I am quite pleased with where the site is today.  There is still much more to add - but for now...yippee!

There are parts of this past 9 weeks that I have not really liked...those are the things I am learning about myself.  I have discovered how much I struggle to be a detail focused person.  That really doesn't come naturally.  So, when I have to be in charge of setting up a meeting time, place and agenda for a group of people I am destined to forget something - or many somethings.  I HATE THAT!  But, I am learning.  I have been trying out several different notetaking  and calendar tools - not all high tech! :)  I am working on creating my own style.  slooooooowly!!!

I also have been reminded of how much I do not like POs and writing them and all of that. Even though I pay all the bills in my family - this system keeps making me pull at my hair. I have made mistakes on POs that I didn't even know were possible (and I'm sure the secretaries didn't know they were possible either!).

I also keep realizing how much I need to learn and grow. Each time I think I have taken a step forward I find out I completely missed something.  But, I am learning that is ok.  After being a teacher for so many years I am enjoying being a learner and a learner with a steep learning curve.  This field is as big as you want to make it...what an exciting prospect.

Finally - one of my goals for the next quarter is to do a better job of summarizing what I am doing.  I created a document to send to the administrators about the first quarter.  I felt good about parts and really sad about parts.  But, it was so helpful to stop and stand still long enough to do that.  I want to use this blog for that also. But, I thought that would happen first quarter...

Anyway - it's almost time for me to move on to the next part of my job - chair of the district tech committee.

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