Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plan, Plan, Plan

iPads in the schools...they are wonderful, I think.  They are also a complete headache, I think.  I hesitate to admit that - I am supposed to be the one promoting technology in the schools.  But...

Let me start at the beginning.  Our district began adding a few iPads here and there last year.  Nothing major - mostly teachers who wanted to try them out.  This year more have been added - 5 in one building, 6 in the special ed department... and that is where the problems started...

We have teachers who have used their own personal iTunes accounts and downloaded free and purchased apps.  We have teachers in a building with a building account with purchased and free apps.  We have teachers with a special education account.  In fact, one iPad has all three accounts. So, when you want to update apps - you have to use all three accounts depending on which app needs updating.

This is the fault of no one - but how to we work ourselves out of this dilemma???

I would love to hear what other schools are doing to address this problem!!

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