Monday, August 8, 2011

A new name, an evolving attitude

I know it's getting closer to school because I've stopped sleeping much at night! I hate this rite of passage each August!!

I stay up until I am good and tired...12 or so...
I go to bed...
I close my eyes...
every part of my body welcomes the quiet, the darkness the peace EXCEPT MY MIND!

It begins to race and roam and I have no choice but to follow it and not look at the clock!! And sometimes I actually make progress on some of the issues that tug at my daily life...

Last night was one of those night! Yippee!!!

I started thinking about my attempts to move forward, which brought me to this blog.
I have hated the name of this blog...really hated it, Techie Ponderings...YUCK

And then I remembered an odd scene from a couple of years ago. I was driving home along a two lane highway late on a winter afternoon in rural Iowa. The road has only one hill on a curve and at the apex of the curve is a newish Amish house. As I came up the hill and rounded the curve I noticed a group of Amish children moving along the shoulder of the road. You could tell even at a distance that they were truly enjoying themselves! It wasn't until I passed them that I realized they all had ice skates on...they were actually skating on the shoulder.

The image of those children moving along at their own speed, seemingly oblivious to the cars flying past, has stayed with me. They were content and happy in their own world - clearly enjoying themselves.

So - as I lay awake last night thinking of the year ahead - I want to be one of those kids...fully present in my own world moving ahead at my own speed and enjoying every minute of it!

Here's to Skating on the Shoulder!!

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Kathy Kaldenberg said...

I love the metaphor! Falling down and getting back up. Going too fast... Getting chilled.
Love your reflection. Wonderful post.
We are probably both awake at the same time. Minds racing!