Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Live Healthy Iowa and Grammar in a 7th grade Classroom

activity cards
Students waiting their turns

It may seem like an impossible challenge to combine Chromebooks, grammar, and exercise, but that is exactly what Beth Fiordelise's 7th graders did today!  It was a grammar relay race in the student center.

Four teams sent one student to the lunch table with a slip of paper. On the paper was a question correlating to a Google questionnaire on the Chromebook. The student answered the quiz question and picked up an activity card.  Each card listed a different active way to return to their group or an exercise       to be completed before returning.  

Based on the both the quiz answers and the activity level in the Student Center - I would say it was a great success. 

Special thanks to Learning Center teacher Wendy Berry, for the idea and the ground work.

Mrs. Fiordelise explaining

all the tools needed - cards, Chromebook and textbook
hard at work

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