Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So, what is my job?

I received an email asking me to have a practicum student. It made me stop and think...what do I have to offer a new librarian?

I am a new librarian. I am still struggling to get my feet under me. I am trying to figure out what my priorities are and how to best use my time. What in the world do I have to offer?

Reality! That is what I can offer. My job is the changing librarian in our midst.
A little tech, a little books, a little teaching, a little secretarial, a little collaborating. None of these are done to my best abilities, none of these are monumental. But they add up to a very important role in our school system.

I am in the very unique position of being able to see the entire district picture. I also have the luxury of flexibility. I am able to rearrange and manipulate my schedule to fit with a classroom project.I can spend time finding websites or print material for a specific teacher and activity. I can serve on time-consuming district committees.

And every day I wonder if I am doing enough...if I can use my time in a better way...if I can impact students differently. And most days the answers are no, yes and yes...

So, how in the world could I be of help to a practicum students???

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