Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skills for the 21st century teacher

This is list of skills purported by Digital Learning Environments

20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have

By Laura Turner

Technology has changed a great deal in the last 5-6 years and the skills we need have changed along with it. Although no one would use all of these technologies, we should be knowledgeable in what each of them is and how it could be/might be used in a classroom.

1. Google Tools Knowledge
2. Google Earth Knowledge
3. Wiki Knowledge
4. Blogging Knowledge
5. Spreadsheets Skills
6. Database Skills
7. Social Bookmarking Knowledge
8. Social Networking Knowledge
9. Web Resources in content area
10. Web Searching skills
11. Web2.0 Tools
12. Interactive White Board skills (SmartBoard and Promethium)
13. Website design and management skills
14. Presentation Tools
15. IM knowledge
16. Video and Podcasting
17. RSS feeds
18. Mobile and Handheld Computing
19. Virtual Worlds
20. Collaboration & Communication Tools

Skills 1-5
Skills 6-10

I think it's a pretty good list - but it's just a list. I feel like I keep looking or the perfect list, the perfect starting place, the perfect ticket. And then staff and students will be ready - if we just have the magic list.

Reality is - it's time to stop looking and start honing this list. It's time to move from what someone else thinks to what really works for us. As long as we continue to research what others think we need we will be blown from place to place - not really planting our roots and knowing what and where we are.

So - it's time to begin taking root!!

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