Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jeopardy Boards, Random Groups, Flash Cards - Oh MY! is the one tool that easily transforms a Google sheet into a flashcard deck, or a spelling tutorial or a certificate quiz creator. The tool is a little magic - in my mind.  

The website is clear and easy to use.  For each of the eight different tools Flippity offers a demo, an instruction page and the template you will use for to make the tool work.  

This is the Random Name Picker instructions.  
They are clear and easy to follow.  

This is the Random Name Picker interface when completed.  The same list of names is used to generate the variety of groups, teams and seating chart.  All from one list of students!

I would strongly recommend this online tool as you begin to look toward next year - or if you need some review tools as the year ends! Good Luck!

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