Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Genetics and Hard Work

You never know what you will learn when you walk in to classroom.  
Today I watched students "create" a baby through the flip of two coins and a series of genetic choices.  Dominant and recessive genes were stitched together into one face.  

That was the assignment.  But, I observed so much more. 

-Two languages-Spanish and English words floated around the room
-social skills of partner work displayed with varying degrees of success
-drawing expertise on display from the quiet student in the back of the room (some serious drawing skills!!)
-a teacher able to answer questions from Ebola to chicken pox and back to dwarfism without skipping a beat
-engagement with the topic and the partner

And that was about 10 minutes worth of class.  Think of all the skills and abilities that are on display every minute of every day in the millions of classrooms across the country.  There is serious work going on!

So. are right.
There are problems In our education system.  
But there are amazingly right things happening too!

And it is HARD work for both teachers and students.  
Let's remember that before we start throwing around generalizations!  

And just maybe you might consider hanging out in a classroom before you make statements.

Because they are pretty amazing spaces!

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