Thursday, August 28, 2014


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I have worked in the same school district for the past 26 years
and this month I turned in my resignation.

It wasn't an easy decision.  It is never easy to walk away from a known thing.
I liked my job.
I liked my coworkers.
I liked the direction we were heading.
I liked the challenge.

So why did I decide to change?

I had an opportunity.  
There was an opening in a job that I have always wanted
and I took a chance.

It hasn't been an easy change.  I am still working 2 days a week in my old school district.  And the other 3 days a week as a new Technology Consultant at our local Area Education Agency.

You know how it is at the start of a school year - each week feels like two smashed in tightly together. You work all day and then come home and work some more at night.  I was trying to pack a week's worth of work into each of the 2 days at my old job while just dipping in my toes at my new one.  That has been a bit rough.

But - this week I feel like I am sort of finding my rhythm.  I know I probably just jinxed everything.

I believe there is a secret formula for walking between two worlds.   You must learn to navigate walking into one door where you know every face and into another door where you need to show your ID so they know you.   You must learn to hide your excitement in the face of those who are left to pick of the pieces you are dropping in their laps because you are leaving them.  You must figure out what to say when someone asks why you left them - and sometimes you just can't explain.  Because sometimes you are not always completely sure why you have left.

But something reminds you...

Sitting beside a teacher I barely know and helping her create a class website.
Standing in front of a group of teachers in a darkened room and sharing a great online assessment game enjoying their laughter.

And it all comes together.

I had an opportunity and I took the risk.

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