Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Google in the classroom

I've had a google kind of week.

First I was privileged to spend 1/2 a day at L & M helping them out with an intro to Google. It was a great and receptive staff. I could see the wheels churning from the front of the room.  I ran into their principal again last evening and he said that he already had 3 requests that day that focused on Google.  That makes me feel good!

Then today I will work with  2 sections of 5th grade helping them create their Iowa County sites.  We have changed the format for the traditional Iowa County projects as part of the Iowa history unit.  In the past each student has researched a county and created a tri-fold display of the county to be shared during the county open house.

This year each student is still researching their county - but instead of posting information on cardboard - they are posting on their own google site.

Today was the day to begin creating the site. Things went well after they all figured out their password...that was a bit of a challenge! :)  But, we got the site named and several pages added.

This all makes me think of the options that google offers and where exactly all this will take us.  I keep wondering if google will continue to be free - or of they are hooking us and then the costs will begin to rise.  I mean what an amazing treasure trove of options for us.  Just watching the collaboration efforts is so  amazing.

Until life changes - we will continue to take advantage of what google is offering...  Does that sound a little too much like how our economy was 2 years ago??? hmmmmm.....

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