Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Need Less/We Need More

Doug Johnson at Blue Skunk Bloghas a great post of the things we as educators and Librarians need less and more of...
We Need Less / We Need More

Testing / Context
Right answers / Good questions
Attention on teachers / Attention on students
New technology / Well-used technology
Hardware / Staff development
Whining / Problem-solving
Entertainment / Engagement
Whole group / Individualization
Reading-listening / Making - doing
Focus on failures / Focus on successes
Basal readers / Children's-YA lit
Required classes / Electives
Pundits / Research
Helicopter parents / Involved parents
Disengaged parents / Involved parents
Data / Diagnostics
Leaders / Managers
Filtering on the network / Filtering between the ears
21st Century Skills / Skills
Memorization of facts / Development of dispositions
Textbooks / Bandwidth
Worksheets / Games
Restrictions / Responsibility
Lists / Essays
Labs / Personal student devices
Standards / Relevance
Competition / Social learning
Evaluations / Encouragement
FRP Lunches / Living wage jobs
Polarization / Balance
Your turn.

I think it's a great what can we add...


my you have any??

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