Friday, July 10, 2009

An ooops in Blogland

I loved my old blogger template. I don't know what I clicked today...but it all went haywire! So - that must means that I needed to find a new one. How in the world does it suck so much time...

It reminds me of those Family Circus cartoons where the kids are supposed to go from A to B and end up all around the town and back. That is exactly how my afternoon has gone.

And my list...

not much progress.

Oh well - it's only Friday! :)


kts9600 said...

This is a neat background, although I did like your other one, too :)

What happened, I wonder?!

Luckily it won't curtail your creativity!

Teresa said...

I agree, this one is pretty neat... I am very inspired by you Beth and not to scare you but will be following you long after class is over!! :)

I am looking forward to life slowing down a bit so I can dive into blogging a little more and create a dynasty like yours.

Diane said...

I always like checking in on your blog. I do like this template though.